Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ryan Woods: An Inspiration

I don't know this man. I only heard of him because I have friends on facebook that is his friend. But his story has touched my soul. I don't know if its because he is dieing of cancer and because of my experience with my own mother it has made me hyper senstive to anyone going thru this. But the video I just posted it is well worth watching. If you'd like to know him to here is his blog.

He is a Godly man who will leave his mark in this broken world. Please pray for his wife and two young children that will have to do life without him. I am praying for a miracle because I believe God can do anything. But I also know the reality of that Ryan may not be fully healed till he gets to Heaven. Either way, his story is worth sharing and his family is worth praying for.

Thank You.

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