Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I am so Excited!

I decided to take the plunge and be a Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. I will most likely make another blog so I can share my creations. But for now if you'd like to check it out here's my online store.

Thanks friends!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jeff Buckley "I Know It's Over"

beautiful song I heard it for the first time on So You Think You Can Dance.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Martina McBride - Teenage Daughters

I remember watching Martina in college at one of her concerts. She had come to my college to perform. This song just makes me smile since I have a teenage daughter. Hehe.

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars - lyrics

One of my favorite songs

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Train


I have done this blog hop in the past and thought I'd join again as life is not as chaotic now. Perhaps you'd like to join in the fun!

Follow Me Back Tuesday

BWS tips button

Hoo Are You?


Here are this week's questions!  (and my answers hehe)

1. How did you spend the 4th of July?
I watched my son do a dance performance at a local park. We than bought lunch. I had a tri tip sandwich. Hung out at home for a little bit and than decided to watch the new Transformers movie. After the movie it was time to go see the the fireworks. We decided to somewhere new and I sat on a dock and hoped I wouldn't fall in the water. Than we had a very late bbq. It was fun!

2. What was a couple of your favorite things you ate for the 4th of July?
The tri tip sandwich and the chili dogs.

3. Did you watch fireworks?
4. What is your favorite firework?
I like them all but the more colorful they are I enjoy them more 

5. How hot was it where you were for the 4th?
It got to the 90's 

God Bless the USA - Lee Greenwood

Monday, July 4, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

Frugal TV - Meeting Real Couponers

Hop Along Friday

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Friday Blog Hop

I haven't hopped in a while so I figured why not join in?


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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Beach House

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy
My husband and I bought a beach house this time last year and we’ve already put a lot of elbow grease into it. This is the first year we’re really getting to enjoy it and we’ve been down three times already just to enjoy the sun and the ocean – it’s only a block back from the beach! We did a lot of upgrades in the house like putting in a security system and installing TV, so now it feels just as much like home as our actual house. We’ve talked about what it would be like to retire down there someday but for now it’s just great to get out there in the natural surroundings and spend time with the kids. I’m really glad we got the extra bedrooms because both the kids like to bring a friend when we go down and we’ve yet to feel too crowded in the place. I love that little restaurant down the block…all in all I guess you could say it was definitely a great decision for us!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Frugal TV - The 'Value' Size Isn't Always a Value

Love Nathan. He always has a lot of good tips to share. Love his site to. WeUseCoupons.Com

The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling

One of my favorite songs. I didn't realize how much I liked Black Eyed Peas

Grief Quotes

"If there were no love there'd be no Grief." Zig Ziglar

"When you're grieving that's not the time to be brave or strong. You need to let it show." Zig Ziglar

"Knowing the Lord and knowing his comfort does not take away the ache; it supports you in the middle of the ache." Dr Larry Crabb

"Allow the Lord to comfort you." Sabrina D. Black

ABC's of Grief
A-Always be true to yourself '
B- Believe you'll make it Believe God's word
C-Remember people care. Communicate your needs.

Grief Share

My sister and I have decided to join a Grief Share group to cope with the loss of our parents. I may post out of my own personal journal every now and than.. But I wanted to share this resource for those that may be dealing with grief and need help to get thru it. It is not something that a person should do alone. No matter the circumstance. It is good to be with like minded people that may be enduring similar losses as you have. I've only done 2 weeks so far. I think it is helping me. It's helping me come to grips with it. Even if I don't like my new normal right now.
I don't dream of Mom every night like my younger sister does. My depression doesn't seem as intense as my older sister's. Guess that is why I'm the middle sister. Hee.

 I think I am still able to function.

 I just can't seem to cook for some reason and find myself eating out a lot since I have that money from my Mom's life insurance. I don't get why I can't cook. But than again I barely do the laundry or dishes.With all the busyness and chaos of these last few months I guess after Mom died it was like as if the world stopped and I didn't know what to do anymore.

 I had a really hard time finishing the school year out with the boy. I hope I didn't fail him. I had a lot on my mind and a lot to deal with in it being our first year of homeschooling. I pray, I plead that 2012 is much kinder.

 My older sister seems angier than me in circrumstances. Of how things went down in the end. But I guess every person is different in how they handle things, like such things as loss. I really am not sure what is going on with my younger sister. She's been kind of quiet. She has mentioned staying in bed when I mentioned I did that a time or two.

Sometimes, life just gets so overwhelming, you just got to hide for a little bit.

Also a part of me thinks if I stop and stay still, I'll just collapse.

I love my Mom. I can't say loved, just yet. I miss her a lot. It's so painful how badly I miss her. It's so unreal that she is gone. It is all like a bad dream that I wish I could just wake up from and laugh at it all. But no, this is my reality. This is my life, right now. We didn't have the greatest relationship. But she was a good mom to me and a GREAT grandma to the kids. I hope they never forget her.

A Prayer of Sorts

What am I afraid of? I am afraid that I will die young like my parents did. A part of me doesn't care. But than I think about how much I want to be a part of my children's lives and future grand children. And of course spend time with the husband. And do all the trips we talk about doing in the future.

I know there's no way in knowing how long you get to live. But I need to make better choices in my eating and move even when I don't want to. I did go on a couple of walks this week. So I have to give myself a pat on the back for that. But the rolo mcflurries still call my name. Especially with it being summer and warm weather.

 I use to be scared of death. But after losing my mom it doesn't frighten me like it use to. I know heaven is my eternal home. But I would like a long life here on earth.

Whatever fears I may have that I'm not aware of I hope I am able to over come them with God's help and the prayers of friends. I know I am loved by God and that he will never leave me even when I feel alone.


As it has been said grief is a unwelcome guest. It strikes at the oddest times. I notice I react to it more when it is night and I am alone with my thoughts. Probably because I am not busy and I have time to myself. When I should be sleeping or relaxing, I am thinking.

 I dwell on my Mom..

 I can't even process that I lost my Dad to. But it is like he's gone, like he always has been but now there is no chance for reconcilation. He didn't even meet my son or my husband. I have to admit that makes me mad. Everytime I tried to get him to talk to my husband he'd find a excuse to get off the phone. I don't know if he was ashamed or what.

But the one thing that my Mom did that I will never forget is she told my husband that 'your my son, your my son, don't leave me.' That was the last week of her life and right before she stopped talking. At least I know how much my Mom loved us and my family.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I want to get back in it. I just don't know how. I was so inspired but than life kicked me in the butt. I am just now getting back into reading my blog roll etc. I had started blogging because I. Liked the thought of going to conferences. I haven't figured out what kind of blogger I am. I guess I am a anything goes kind of writer. I like having a spot where I can jot things down. Though I find I use Facebook more than anything. Especially when my mom was sick. Well because it was easier. So I guess I will keep figuring out my voice. I guess that is part of life to.

Friday, June 3, 2011


I didn't realize how much fun it is to own one! I love it. I feel totally spoiled. If you ever get a chance to own one I highly recommend it. I never imagined myself a techi girl. But I am fast becoming one. This is just my opinion. Not being endorsed fro this. :)
I got mine in the 400's but it looks like Amazon sells them to. Neat!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rambling Thoughts about my Mother

I love to write. I must have gotten that from my Mom. Ever since I was a little kid I would write all sorts of stories and make illustrations to go along with the story. I remember doing it for a long time. But I stopped once I got done with college and real life hit. I'm reminded of this as my younger sister found notebooks of where my Mother journaled. I had to smile at that. So instead of taking it in an online version she took hand and paper to write her thoughts down. That doesn't surprise me. I believe my Mom was very creative in her own way. She just didn't share that a lot with others.

It's hard to imagine that my Mother is gone. In my head I've been tracking how long it's been. And this Friday it will be 6 weeks. So unreal. It still feels like so much like a dream. But it is my reality. I will eventually come to terms with it.

2011 has not been kind. And cancer is ugly. If that is the only thing I learn about my experience with my Mom. Than that is a lesson I will always remember.

But I know that my Mom is in the arms of God. Even though my heart is broken and I wish she was here with me.

I'm going to try to write in here more often. As having a outlet is a good thing after all. And I find some comfort in writing words. In just letting my thoughts spill on out.

I am blown away by how much I miss my Mom. People were not kidding when they said the littlest things would be a trigger. They were right. I still long for my Mom to still be here with us. To make memories with us. To share life with us.

I feel like I need to apologize to my Mother for getting cancer. I hated that she suffered like she did. I think she hid a lot of her pain from us. Because that was the kind of person she was. It wasn't fair to her. But than again whoever said that life was fair? I wish I could have taken her place or been able to take some of that ordeal from her.


Tonight, as I was walking past my living room a picture flashed across my computer screen. It was a picture of my Mother two weeks before she died. Just seeing that picture brought me back to that day and what I was thinking.

We tried what we could to let her live longer here on earth. Oriential medicine when the Western doctors said there was no hope. Protein. Massages. Anythiing that we could think of. She was a beloved Mother and we selfishly wanted her here with us.

We prayed for a healing. In my case, I begged God numerous of times to heal my Mother. To not take her away from me. I didn't want to let her go. She was my mother and to young to die. I wanted her here with me. With my sisters and her grandchildren. We wanted a miraclious healing. Something we could show people. "See what God can do?"

But no, it wasn't met to be. Obviously, our Father wanted her home with him.I have to believe that. I need to believe that. My Mom did have healing. Just not here on earth like we wanted to. Like i wanted to.

Mom, love you so much. You are not far from my thoughts and heart. I will see you again in Heaven. That is a promise.

Monday, May 2, 2011


In my grief I have been looking for distractions. One has been the grocery store. I had to chuckle a little when the husband texted me to tell me I bought to much and he could no longer fit it in the freezer. I find myself still mentally counting in my head how long Mom has been gone. 2 weeks and 3 days. Mother's Day is going to be hard.

Meet Me On Monday

Questions: and Answers (because I'm lazy tee hee)

1.  What is your favorite kind of muffin?
I always seem to go for those that have chocolate in them. Like chocolate chip or a lemon flavor to it. But I'm not a big muffin eater.

2.  What was the first car you ever owned?
Volkswagon Jetta I don't remember the year though.

3.  Which TV Show were you sad to see end?

4.  What is your lucky number?
I don't have a lucky number but I tend to like even numbers verses odd. I seem to be particular to 4 or 6.

5.  Pretzels or Potato Chips?
Potato Chips. Bought pretzels a while ago and they are still sitting in my snack cabinet.

Menu Plan

My menu plan looks a lot like last week as we ended up eating out a lot. I know that is bad frugal wise but I just haven't been in the mood to cook. So here is my tenative plan.
Monday-We had taquitos
Tuesday-Round Table my boy's troop has a fundraiser there so we are going to go and support them! I'll probably hit the salad bar along with pizza.

The rest of the week I'm just going to put down what I have in mind as sometime's I just don't know how my day will go.

Hot dogs/links/sausage and rice
chicken/steak fajatias most likely with nachos

If you need more inspiration why don't you hop over to

What will you be feeding your family this week?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Hoo Are You?


It's been awhile since I have done this. So I thought I'd join in this week. Maybe you will want to.

Here are this week's questions!

1. Do you plant a garden or flowers, or neither?
I really don't do any kind of gardening. I have tried in the past and it doesn't seem to work for me. But I do like getting flowers! 

2. Does it bother you to have your blinds or curtains 
open after dark so people can see in your house?
Yes! I make a point to turn the blinds if they haven't already by the time evening comes.

3. Do you like to go camping?
It depends on what kind of camping. I use to like it a lot when I was a kid. But as I have gotten older I realize I really don't like sleeping on the ground. So I need a bed at min or a air mattress.

4. Do you have a laptop or a desk top computer?
We have both. I usually use a desktop but when it's not being nice I hang out on my husband's lap top as it runs faster.

5. What time during the day do you have your most energy?
Probably at night when everyone is asleep and I have my alone time. 

Here are the RULES!!!
  Here's how it will work, each  Tuesday I'll post a few questions. They can be anything from What's your  favorite color to What's your favorite movie. 
  • You will post them in a new post on  your blog (you can back date this post so it doesn't show up as your  newest post) and then come and link up that particular post (not the  link to your main blog) here on our link party
  • Make sure to visit as many blogs as  you can and comment! It will be a good way to get to know some fun and  interesting things about your fellow crafters!

  • Also add this cute little button to your post so that others can join in on the PARTY!!! (It is over on the left side bar)

  • Royal Heirloom Ring

    I haven't decided if I am going to watch the royal wedding or not this weekend. But thought I'd share this. It looks really pretty.

    Reminder: Wednesday is 31 Cent Scoop Night

    Now who doesn't love ice cream. If you have a local Baskin Robbins this is just a reminder to take advantage of this tomorrow.

    We can't wait to see you! Bring your friends and your camera to 31 Cent Scoop
    Night™ tomorrow night at Baskin-Robbins®.* Join us as the BR Community
    Foundation honors
     America's firefighters with a $100,000 donation to the National
    Fallen Firefighters Foundation.®

    *2.5 oz. scoops are 31 cents plus tax where applicable. Limit 3 scoops per person.
    At participating stores while supplies last.

    It looks like Dunkin Doughnuts is also might be associated with Baskin Robbins to. It's worth checking out for a good cause.

    You can also find out more information here.

    Groupon Anyone?

    If you haven't checked out this site or what it can do for your social needs etc I advise you to do so. And if you could be so kind to follow my link.
    That would be totally awesome.

    Monday, April 25, 2011


    A glimpse of how our Easter went. This was a Easter egg hunt at our church.

    Menu Plan Monday

    Well this is my tenative plan. We will see what actually happens. It is so weird to go back to 'normal' life considering how crazy the last 3 months have been. If you are in need of any more meal ideas please check out for inspiration! Oh and I'm not going to put the day I may cook a dinner so that I have more freedom in my choosing.

    Ribs and corn
    Sausage links and biscuits ( Got a great deal at Safeway on the links figured I should use them!)
    Spaghetti (I may try to add some pureed veggies in the sauce. Trying to figure out ways to better feed my family)
    Chicken (Either Dad's homemade nuggets or another version I found in a book)
    Hot dogs/Hot links/Smoked Sausage and rice

    So what do you plan on feeding your family this week? Now that Passover and Easter is done with?

    Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    So Much Love

    I also wanted to share my husband holding my Mom's hand but it didn't come thru. I love that woman so much. It's so weird to think that I am now an adult orphan. No one is ever prepared for that. No matter how old you are.

    Mindy Smith - One Moment More

    For my Mom. This song makes me think of her.


    Maybe now you will no longer be in pain. Maybe now you can dance and swing high on swings. Enjoy the breeze on your face and do whatever it is you want. You are so loved. You will be so missed. I love you.
    August 6, 1949-April 15, 2011

    A New Beginning

    I know I have been really bad about writing here. But truth be told when you lose your father on January 14th and than hearing about your mother having cancer January 22nd, well keeping up a blog is the last thing on your mind.

    My sweet mother passed away on Friday April 15th, 2011. She is no longer in pain. Praise God. I can be happy about that. But I can still be terribly sad that she is no longer physically here with us. She is going to be missed a lot. I am still in shock that she is no longer here. 2011 has not been a kind year.

    I am going to try and find the motivation to write in here again. If anything, perhaps a place to just dump my feelings in. My life has totally changed from what it was before. Things that I thought were important are not so much.

     I don't know how my new normal will go. I've been told I need to be good to myself. I am not sure I even know what that means. But I guess I'll have to try. I'm not going to make any promises but I'll try to write in here more than I have. I don't know if life will slow down as I have found that life well, it gives you unexpected things and nothing is a guarantee. I might resort to just following the blog hops or the Meme's for now. But I do like having this space to call my own. Regardless what comes out of my brain. Maybe I should do more of that. But the hour is late so I'm going to go for now. Thanks for listening.

    Saturday, March 12, 2011


    Sorry I have been neglecting my space here. Its defiantly been a roller coaster of my life lately. We thought we lost Mom on Wednesday March 9th as her blood pressure went way low and she got sepsis. But thank God she is here still fighting. So lot's of trips of going back and forth. And with the cost of gas expenses are out the window.

    Especially when you are eating fast food left and right. But today I am making baked chicken wings. Yum. And I am thinking of making cupcakes afterwards.

    My grandma's death anniversary was on March 3rd. I really pray that my Mom doesn't join her Mom anytime soon. But I know in the end it is not up to us of how long we live. It is out of our control. I just don't like seeing my Mom suffer. I can't believe it's only been 2 months since this all began. It seems like a lifetime ago.

     My girl turned 13 on the 7th. This past Wednesday she cried so hard and I guess my Mom was coherent to see that and she kept grabbing for her hand. So bittersweet. I took her out of school for a couple of days and we spent all day Friday with Mom. The girl and Mom had a lot of heart to heart talks. Hopefully that helped the both of them.

    My Mom wants to fight. She's talking about how cancer has no right to her life. Only God has that right. How cancer has no right to make her grandkids cry. This makes me so happy to hear as the other day she had said she wished she had died on Wednesday.

    My older sister called upset earlier as a doctor wanted to give it straight (which we already know) how Mom's cancer is inoperable. But we are believers and if it is God's will he will heal her and make it possible for her to be cured. That is what I have to believe in. Hope for. It's my Mom. I would like to think that her time on earth is not done with.

    I will admit I started freaking out when I heard she had sepsis cause that is what my father had died of in January. But thank goodness she no longer has it and is no longer in ICU. We plan on seeing her tomorrow. My boy hasn't seen her as he was to young to see her in the ICU. Probably best he didn't as the first night we had to gown up cause they thought she might have had Cdif. All these new terms I am having to learn. I guess that is just part of the package. This new life. It will be bleak without my Mom in it. So I'm going to attempt to be positive and to believe. It's the only thing I know how to do and to be there for my Mom.

    Wednesday, March 2, 2011

    American Idol

    It's been a long time since I have watched American Idol. But I decided to watch this year's cause of that Chris guy with the financee. And yes, I got teary eyed when he got let go and was not a part of the Top 24. But anyways as I was watching the show last night I figured out who my Top 5 Boys were.

    1.James Durbin-I love how he really get's into his music and how he involves the crowd. I loved how he started the beat off by clapping his hands above his head. And Judas Priest? Rock on, Dude. I also love that he may have Tourette's Syndrome but he's not letting that stop him from achieving his dreams.
    2. Scotty-He's a true country boy. Who couldn't love that deep voice of his? Letters from Home-John Michael Montgemry was a song made just for him.
    3.Stefano-I love his story and what he has survived so far. I have to admit Bruno Mars-Just the Way You Are is one of my favorite songs and he didn't do a bad job doing his own version. I had to giggle in how he answered Ryan when asked who he was singing that song to. Slick, very slick.
    4. Jacob Lusk-I loved how excited he got when he was told he made it to the Top 24. His voice is so vibrant. You want to take the time to listen to him. Love how he'd get the high notes and how he has a soulful and gospel kind of voice. Total props to Randy for telling him he's done the best God Bless The Child on AI.
    6. Casey Abrams-SEXY Casey. Awesome! Made me giggle when JLo called him that. All I could think as I watched his performance was he's great. I felt really drawn into him and his singing.

    So tonight the girls sing. I haven't figured out who my favorites are just yet. But I'll be keeping my eye on the 15 year old blonde who just turned 16 who wore that pink frilly dress.

    Who are your favorites so far?

    Monday, February 28, 2011

    Menu Plan Monday

    It's a little late but this is my plan for the week. I am not going to put it by days since sometimes I change my mind or the way my life has been change has to be done. For anyone who wanted to know my mom finally get's to go home after being in the hosptial for 2 weeks. Yay! She is on a feeding tube but only has to do that at night. She will be starting chemo soon as long as she keeps her nutrition and health up. Please pray that this tumor shrinks so she may have surgery. Thanks! And onwards to what I am hoping to feed my family this week!

    Lasagna and garlic bread. ( I tried my hand at making 'homemade' lasagna tonight.It seemed everyone enjoyed it. I wanted something different with leftover meat sauce for spaghetti)

    Terakaki Chicken and Rice

    Biscuits and Gravy (What I usually do is cook the sausage and than add flour to the grease and once that is cooked add milk. It's one of our favorites. Probably not the most healthiest but it's yummy!)

    Chicken Sandwiches (They are actually Boca but I thought I'd try this 'meatless' product in chicken to see how it goes with the family.)

    Pancakes and Eggs

    Next Monday is my daughter's birthday and she'll be 13. Amazing! So on Saturday she wants to go to the mall. She also got a free Red Robin's burger for her birthday so we most likely will go there when we are at the mall.

    So what are you feeding your family? If you need more ideas stop over at

    Tuesday, February 22, 2011

    Hoo Are You?


    1. Where do you usually have your thermostat set at in the winter?
    It is set from 65-70. We like it warm here!

    2. What room do you tend to put off cleaning until last?
    Probably the bathroom!

    3. Do you like to clean with music on or off?
    It doesn't really matter. I find I clean when I am doing something else like cooking etc. If I am in a particular room and I see it needs to be picked up or cleaned I do it automatically.

    4. When do you take time to blog?
    I try to blog in the evenings as that is my down time. I was MIA for a bit because 2011 just has not been kind. But I'm starting to feel like I can lift my head up some.

    5. How much time do you spend looking at other blogs a week?
    It varies. Reading blogs has defintly become my reading material!

    Friday, February 18, 2011

    Five Question Friday

    1. Have you worn the same outfit more than one day in a row?
    Yep! Cause I may have only worn the outfit long enough to step out to get something/run an errand and than I am back in my PJ's.

    2. If you had to choose any LARGE city to live in, which would it be?
    Where I am right now! SF baby. I'm a Californian thru and thru. Even though I have moved away I always come back. This is my home.

    3. Fly or drive with the kids on vacation?
    Both. Though driving is cheaper.

    4. What is your idea of "spring cleaning"?
    Hahaha. I can't remember the last time I did spring cleaning.

    5. What is the best book you have ever read?
    The Bible 

    Fill in the Blank Friday

    It's been a while since I have posted since real life has been unkind since basically the beginning of the year. But I felt like posting something. So what better way than a meme? Enjoy!

    1.   I am feeling anxious tonight. The rain isn't helping.  I am feeling the need to sleep or watch mindless tv.
    2.  The bravest thing I've ever done was keep my soon to be 13 year old. People close to me wanted to abort or give her up for adoption. 
    3.  I feel prettiest when my husband compliments me. Though I have a hard time accepting it. He has made me a better person as a result of his love.  
    4.  Something that keeps me awake at night is the health of my Mom. I know we are not ever guaranteed when we will die. But I don't want to lose her to soon. I'm not ready to let her go. I'll have to accept it when the time comes, though.
    5.  My favorite meal in the entire world is burritos. I could probably eat them everyday. I have found out that I don't like chicken burritos though. They just don't taste right to me.
    6.  The way to my heart is to love me and my family. 
    7.  I would like to take away the experience my mother is going thru right now. It's not fair. I don't understand the lesson behind it and why it's happening. 

    Monday, February 7, 2011

    This is How My Monday Went

    Better explained thru my face book status throughout the day.

    Leaving soon to go see my Mom. Her procedure is suppose to be at noon. Thank you for the prayers. It is appericated and not forgotten!

    It was suggested that I stay back instead of seeing mom since I just got over my cold. I just got told mom is going now 4 procedure. It's not as invasive as her surgery was & she may get 2 go home today. I pray this is something she can tolerate & it helps.

    So the procedure didn't work and now she'll have to get a drain. When is my mother going to have relief? This really sucks.

    That drain is suppose 2 help with the bili issue. Her tumor was pressing when they tried the 1st & they. Were afraid 2 continue cause of risk of bleeding. So hopefully she will get to go home wed/thur. Shell b on antibiotics cause of the risk of infection. I pray she doesn't get a infection. That's how my dad died.

    At this rate I'm going to have to buy stock in Mcdonalds as their ice cream has fast become my comfort food. It reminds me of my Mom and when my younger sister and I were little. She'd take us there and order the cones for us and we'd sit in the parking lot enjoying our treat. Since I couldn't go down there today I took my daughter and got a cone. I see lots of ice cream cone eating in my near future.

    How'd your Monday go? 

    Sunday, February 6, 2011

    10th Anniversary

    is next Monday. Yes that's right. We got married on Valentine's Day. In hopes of giving me a little bit of joy this past weekend my husband got me this. He had always told me he would get me a better piece of jewelry than what we started with.

    I can't believe I have this. It is a anniversary ring. The three stones represent past present and future. It seems so fitting. I love it! I haven't taken it off at all since it was placed on my finger last night. It always brings a smile on my face when I look at it.

    Mom Update

    I am just going to post my facebook status to here when I remember etc. As right now it is eaiser for me to do that than to write a post of what is going on in my life. Thank you for the prayers.

    Mom isn't eating. Maybe half a Popsicle at that. Suppose to have a procedure tomorrow that might give her some relief. I've been laying low today so hopefully my cold is gone so I can see her. Can't find the joy in this just anxiety. Please pray. That's all I know how to do on this end. Ty.

    Promo teaser for Supernatural episode 6x13, "Unforgiven" (HQ, captioned)

    one of my fave shows!

    Monday, January 31, 2011

    Menu Plan Monday

    I am still here. Things are still chaotic. But my mom is suppose to have surgery this Wednesday Feb 2nd. If you are the type to pray or just even think postive thoughts towards my family I'd be grateful. Surgery is suppose to be at 8am PST. But now onwards to the menu plan. As usual I just put our main dish and decide on side dishes the night the meal is made. Thanks! BTW most of these meals are pretty easy as with the way life is I've been using prepared things or the husband has been gracious enough to cook.

    Monday- Hamburger Helper (which the husband was kind enough to cook. It wasn't a winner for me though as it was the taco dinner one) 

    Tuesday-Turkey Sailsbury (Jennie-O)

    Wednesday-Dad's Nuggets (Since I'll be waiting for my mom to get out of surgery) 
    Thursday-Pork Chops 
    Friday-Oven Fried Chicken 
    Saturday-Hot Dogs with Chili 
    Sunday-French Toast or Pancakes

    So what are you eating this week? And as always if you are looking for more ideas you can find them at! 

    Sunday, January 23, 2011

    And Now

    My beautiful mother has pancreatic cancer. So I'm still here. But I don't know how often I will post. I feel so defeated by life right now. Scared and sad. Thank you dear readers for those that still read me. I don't know what else to say. Words fail me. 

    Saturday, January 15, 2011


    My father died yesterday.

    He had some health issues but this was a sudden thing. I am not even sure how I'm suppose to feel so I thought I'd verbally throw up over here over the things that are mulling in my head. I was never close to him as my parents divorced when I was young. Well I did hear I was a Daddy's girl and would follow him when I was a toddler. And we lived on two different coasts. Me on the west and he on the east.

     I feel the worst for my step sister and step mother as they are closest to him and if I calculate right my stepmom was involved with him for over 30 years. My own mother just maybe a fraction of that? 12 years or so. But he could not be happy with what he had and always reminised about the life he had with my mother and us. If it was so great why did he abandon us and make no effort to be a father to us? He was the guy who's wages had to be garnished for child support. Yeah, he was that guy.

    When we went to go see him 2 years ago, I remember he made me cry and get angry. That always seemed to the pattern. So I guess my father and I were aquantices more than anything. And now? I don't know if I really want to go back there for a funeral. If there is one as they didn't have life insurance for him. I don't know if I want to take the time for the man who couldn't make time for me. He has never met my husband and my son. I've been married for going on 10 years now.

     I guess I'm frustrated. But I don't understand why I feel this sense of loss when I never really had a relationship to begin with. Maybe this is to personal to share in a blog but this place is my refuge at times and I just needed to spit it out.

    Maybe I'll write more later.

    April 9, 1947 to January 14, 2011

    Thursday, January 6, 2011


    So Life As Mom put out a challange and I am still deciding whether or not I will formally do it. But out of curiousity I wanted to know how much food I actually had in this house. And to my surprise I was able to come up with 6 breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas just 'shopping' with the stuff I had on hand. I was pretty impressed. What about you? If you were to actually take inventory of what you had in your pantry or freezer how many meals can you make? Let me know. I'd love to know! Oh and for the curious these are the ideas I came up with.

    Bagels and Cream Cheese
    Cold Cereal/Hot Cereal
    Pop Tarts
    Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches

    Mac N Cheese
    Tuna Sandwiches
    Chicken Noodle/Progresso Soup
    Hot Links (big hit around here)
    Cheese Quesdillas

    Spaghetti with Sauce and Mushrooms (maybe the turkey ground if I don't do what I was originally thinking of doing with it)
    Chicken Sandwiches
    Hamburgers & Hot Dogs with French Fries
    Biscuits and Gravy (Bacon)
    Ravoli/Chili (Not enough by itself for a meal )
    Hot Dogs wrapped in Crossiants (Pillsbury)

    *Of course I also have stuff to make snacks and veggies and fruit*