Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Tonight, as I was walking past my living room a picture flashed across my computer screen. It was a picture of my Mother two weeks before she died. Just seeing that picture brought me back to that day and what I was thinking.

We tried what we could to let her live longer here on earth. Oriential medicine when the Western doctors said there was no hope. Protein. Massages. Anythiing that we could think of. She was a beloved Mother and we selfishly wanted her here with us.

We prayed for a healing. In my case, I begged God numerous of times to heal my Mother. To not take her away from me. I didn't want to let her go. She was my mother and to young to die. I wanted her here with me. With my sisters and her grandchildren. We wanted a miraclious healing. Something we could show people. "See what God can do?"

But no, it wasn't met to be. Obviously, our Father wanted her home with him.I have to believe that. I need to believe that. My Mom did have healing. Just not here on earth like we wanted to. Like i wanted to.

Mom, love you so much. You are not far from my thoughts and heart. I will see you again in Heaven. That is a promise.

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