Monday, February 7, 2011

This is How My Monday Went

Better explained thru my face book status throughout the day.

Leaving soon to go see my Mom. Her procedure is suppose to be at noon. Thank you for the prayers. It is appericated and not forgotten!

It was suggested that I stay back instead of seeing mom since I just got over my cold. I just got told mom is going now 4 procedure. It's not as invasive as her surgery was & she may get 2 go home today. I pray this is something she can tolerate & it helps.

So the procedure didn't work and now she'll have to get a drain. When is my mother going to have relief? This really sucks.

That drain is suppose 2 help with the bili issue. Her tumor was pressing when they tried the 1st & they. Were afraid 2 continue cause of risk of bleeding. So hopefully she will get to go home wed/thur. Shell b on antibiotics cause of the risk of infection. I pray she doesn't get a infection. That's how my dad died.

At this rate I'm going to have to buy stock in Mcdonalds as their ice cream has fast become my comfort food. It reminds me of my Mom and when my younger sister and I were little. She'd take us there and order the cones for us and we'd sit in the parking lot enjoying our treat. Since I couldn't go down there today I took my daughter and got a cone. I see lots of ice cream cone eating in my near future.

How'd your Monday go? 


Maureen said...

I hope your mother was able to get some relief by the end of the day!

Mel said...

Thanks! I can't remember how things went that day. But today Feb 18th she had a surgery where they gave her a feeding tube and did a bypass around her tumor so she can eventually eat. As far as I know it went well and she's recovering from that. I'm suppose to see her tomorrow.