Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Beach House

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy
My husband and I bought a beach house this time last year and we’ve already put a lot of elbow grease into it. This is the first year we’re really getting to enjoy it and we’ve been down three times already just to enjoy the sun and the ocean – it’s only a block back from the beach! We did a lot of upgrades in the house like putting in a security system and installing TV, so now it feels just as much like home as our actual house. We’ve talked about what it would be like to retire down there someday but for now it’s just great to get out there in the natural surroundings and spend time with the kids. I’m really glad we got the extra bedrooms because both the kids like to bring a friend when we go down and we’ve yet to feel too crowded in the place. I love that little restaurant down the block…all in all I guess you could say it was definitely a great decision for us!

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