Saturday, August 1, 2015

BBQ Silicone Gloves

I am looking forward to using these gloves more then I already have. I tried them on they were not tight and not too loose. They will not prevent me from dong what I need to do with these gloves. I got these because after a while typical pot holders rip or they don't offer enough protection when you are trying to grab food out of a hot oven. It is said that you will feel the supreme quality once you put them on. I believe it! These gloves are also dishwasher safe or you can just wash them out in your kitchen sink.When you look at the gloves closely you will see the design on them are raised hearts. I have been wanting to try items made out of silicone especially kitchen related. I am glad that this was the first item I got in this aspect. You can find the Gloves here

Disclaimer: I got this item for a reduced cost for my honest and unbiased review.

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