Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pain Relief Cream - Back to Normal Life

I have nagging pain on my right back heel. So I decided to see how well this cream worked. They say there is no menthol smell. That is correct. It also goes on like regular lotion. After I put the cream on I went for a walk. When I first started walking I could still feel the pain but by the end of the walk the pain was gone. I am looking forward to seeing what happens when I put it on my lower back as I have pain there to. With less pain maybe I 'll be motivated to get back into my exercise regimen. Another thing that I liked was that this helps with migraines. I have family members that suffer with that so it's nice to know I can tell them of another alternative they can try. I also loved the packaging! It was very eye appealing. I will be doing Relay for Life soon which means a lot of walking. I will have this on hand for when pain strikes!
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Disclaimer: I received this at a discount for my honest opinion in a review.

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