Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hip Homeschool Hop

This is my first time joining in this hop. But I've been admiring some of these blogs from afar so to speak and figured it was time for me to get 'involved.' As some of you know this is my first year trying out homeschooling. I am homeschooling my youngest. We have been doing independent study for the last 2 months or so with his previous school and will be moving on to a charter school with a emphasis in homeschooling starting on January 3rd. I chose to go this route so that my son could still recieve services that he needs like speech therapy. And being a newbie in this I figured I needed all the support I can get. But now I have babbled enough. If your a homeschooling Mama maybe you'd like to join in this hop to!


childledhomeschool.com said...

Stopping over from the hop-I'm a first year homeschooler too

The Adventurer said...

Thanks for following and I am following back. Nice to see that someone saw the lunar eclipse it was cloudy in the UK so we couldn't see it:(. I am in my second year of homeschooling and love. Looking forward to reading more of your blog:)

Mel said...

Anna Marie-I have always loved that name since I was a young child. But anyways I only saw bits and pieces of the lunar since it was getting cloudy over here. But I got to oooh and awww over pics that others took. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog to! Thank you for following back :)

Janet Rose said...

Welcome to the Hop! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. We are all taking steps one at a time to figure out what God has for us. May you find peace as you take this next step in schooling for your youngest.
Merry Christmas!

Sue said...

I'm so glad that you joined us for the Hip Homeschool Hop today!
Blessings to you,
The Homeschool Chick