Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nothing is for Granted

I am so heartbroken right now. I'm suppose to be going to bed so I can start my morning somewhat coherently in a few hours.But all I can think about is the Mother and the sisters that lost their 11 year old sister just a couple days ago. We got news today that one of the girls that goes to the local middle school passed away in her sleep. Her younger sister was a classmate's of my son's. And I am just so sad for the whole family. I didn't know them really and only had seen  the younger sister here and there. But I can't even imagine the loss they must be going thru. The shock. I would be so devesated if something had happened to one of my children. And as selfish as this sounds I hope I don't outlive my children. I can't even imagine the pain if I were to experience that. So if your a parent hold your child (children) close. The only guarantee we have in life is death. Make those memories. Tell them you love them even if you are fighting or do not understand them. It may be the last words they or you ever hear from them. Don't sweat the small stuff. It really doesn't matter in the end. Just make sure your kid knows how much you love them by words and actions.


Sofia's Ideas said...

My heart is with you too at this time. I can empathize with the emotions you are going through because my cousins recently lost their 2 year old in a sudden & tragic way. It made me feel this way too. Its been a few months now, and that feeling of "living & loving every moment" had subsided as I've gotten back into the daily routine of "life".

THANK YOU for this post. It has blessed me today...

melody-mae said...

sad...sad...I will lift up this family in prayer. What a senseless loss. :(