Monday, December 27, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I hope everyone had a awesome Christmas or whatever it is that you celebrate. The holidays are not quite over yet with New Year's Eve on the horizon. This week I thought I'd try some new recipes. I was getting tired of the old standby's. I was going to start in January you know with the new year I thought why  not start with a new way of eating? But since I most likely need to go to the grocery store on Wednesday I thought I'd try my new way of cooking this week. Most of the recipes are coming from  Rachael Ray's 365 No Repeats cookbook. I had the cookbook for a while and I thought it was a neat concept! Anyways here I go! Oh and if you are looking for more ideas please go over to for inspiration!

Monday-Bacon and hashbrowns- I had made a Christmas breakfast casserole and this is what I had left ingredients wise. Besides who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?

Tuesday-Pork Shoulder Roast-I haven't decided if I am going to slow cook it or just let it cook in the oven since it is not sweltering hot anymore.

Wednesday-Scramblewiches *New Recipe* I will try to post next week what we thought. In reading it it sounds like a spin of a egg and meat sandwich. This is a link to a lady who followed this recipe with pictures.

Thursday-Smokey Turkey Shepherd's Pie *New*

Friday-Appitizers For NYE we usually stay home with the kids and have 'finger foods' such as egg rolls, bagel bites etc. In other words quick and easy and serve yourself style. Junk food at it's finest. Hehehe.

Saturday-Beef Goulash*New* This is a little different from what I'll be attempting. I will be using egg noodles instead.

Sunday-Mac N Cheddar with Broccoli *New*

So what are you eating this week?

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Shawnee H said...

Thanks for sharing - sounds like a yummy week!!