Monday, July 6, 2015

Vitamin K2

I am a fan of taking supplements. In a perfect world I would get all I needed in my food source. Taking supplements gives me the assurance I am doing the best I can for my health. I am not a doctor and I know not everyone believes supplements but this is my opinion. So it should be no surprise that I decided to pick this up. The thing that caught my attention the most is that this vitamin comes in a clear capsule and the powder moves in it. This confirms to me that the vitamin is highly pure and mostly bio available as it says on the back of the bottle. I liked that because it gave me the impression it would be fast working once I took it. This vitamin is suppose to help with calcium and gives you healthy bones and heart. It also helps you with your muscles. There was no strange aftertaste and it was easy to swallow. I was excited to find this as I couldn't find it in a traditional store setting. If you would like to have your own bottle here's the link. * I recieved this item at a discount in exchange for a honest review.*

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