Thursday, August 19, 2010

15 Minutes of Randomness

*Because I am writing this with a time limit and its suppose to be free flowing I most likely will not break this down into paragraphs. So sorry if this is difficult to read.*

When I took a creative writing class in my junior high the teacher there would on occassion have us just write whatever popped in our head for the first few minutes of class. So I thought I would do that today. I have set my timer in my kitchen to tick down the time. Of course, typing is probably a lot quicker than the handwriting I had to do in those long ago days. I can't believe the school year is already here. The house is defintly quiet and I have the laundry running. That really is the only noise right now. My husband works nights so he is asleep in our bed. I may join him in a bit. Because with all the good intentions last night I finally fell asleep around 4 am. My son shook me awake at 730am. Whoops. I really hope that my 12 year old and 9 year old have a good school year. 12 year old is not thrilled to be back in school and she talks about how retarded it is to be back. I just want my 9 year old to make one good friend as he has a difficult time doing that. I should just name my kids in this blog. I mean with their initials or something. So M is my 12 year old. T is my 9 year old. And when I talk about my husband he'll probably be DH or D. Hee. Easy enough. I have 2 step kids so they will be A and N. ATM they are  not living with us and is with their grandmother. I think my MIL is to controlling and to accomdating. I know a mix. But that is a whole other post for a whole other time. My inlaws don't like me. They truly think I am the evil step mom like you hear in the fairy tales. I'd like to think that I am different. Ah the things that run in my head. So one of the reasons why I started to blog is because I like to journal. I like to write. I thought this would be a good outlet to do just that. Kind of funny as I am still learning all about you and I'm letting strangers for now take a peek of my life and what it is that runs in my head. But than again I guess that is what today's society is like with all the social media that is out there. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs. Whatever else is out there. I still have 7 minutes left to babble. Are you bored yet? Hehehe. I guess this is a good exercise. Makes me wonder how long our teacher actually had us writing. I just chose 15 min as a left over from Flylady. I like her concept but can never seem to stick with it. So I wonder if this post will be considered substance since I did say last night I'd write one. Hee. I had a couple of cinnamon rolls for breakfast today. There are two more left and I am considering indulging in them. Bad idea probably but they are soo good. And no they are not homemade. One day I'll get inspired and get a recipe to make home made ones. Tonight, I'm suppose to make smoked sausage and rice for dinner. But a part of me wants to go to Farmers Market and eat the food there. Since the FM will only be around for two more months. Since ours is not open year round. My hands are hurting a little from this random typing. Hahaha. Now I'm probably just being silly and giving TMI. Ah well. Who knew how long 15 min could be. Wow. I almost feel  like I should write my ABC's down or something. But less than 2 minutes left now. Maybe if I type slow the time will go quicker. LOL. I think I amuse myself. I wish I wasn't such a night owl so I could accomplish more during the day. But you know for now this schedule works. I defintly got more sleep in the summer though. I'll probably get broken sleep as that is what it was like last school year. I wish I could home school but my husband is against it. No matter how much I tell him or show him that no the kids won't turn antisocial. Ah well. All I can do is pray that the kids will do just fine in a public school education. Granted I did! So I think. Anyways going to start saying bye as I have only a few seconds more. Thanks for listening to my ramble! Hope it didn't give you a headache. :)


L. Eleana Johnson said...

Rambling is good, and is something I should try. I usually have conversations with myself about all the things I'm thinking. Yes, a little weird, but I work through most problems this way. Found you on Bloghop Thursday. Have a great rest of the week.

Mommylebron said...

What a coincidence that I would find you in a hop? I am a "Flybaby"! If you need help staying motivated come find me and my Flyfriends on Twitter! @mommylebron I love doing things 15 minutes at a time!