Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I know...

I've been doing lots of blog hopping and Meme's right now. I hope to write a real post soon. School started today and I'm tired! I may just go to bed at a decent hour or something :) I will try to write something of substance soon. I do appericate those that read me!


Anonymous said...

You have new follower!!!
I am.
Nan :-)

Christy said...

Yeah, sometimes it is hard to sit down and write ... looking forward to it :-)

Mel said...

Nan-Thank you for the follow! When I try to follow you your blog makes my computer do weird things

Christy-I have all these posts that run thru my head and when I finally can sit down and do something about it I am either to tired or I can't get the words to come out. Hee.