Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I have no idea how consistent I will be in writing here. And I am not even sure where this blog will actually go. It may be a random blog where I just share a part of me and my family as well as thoughts. It may be a blog that goes on hops or advertises the latest coupon specials. There's a lot one can do with one's blog. The internet is defintly different from when I first discovered in the dark ages! Remember the chat rooms anyone?  But I have really enjoyed reading other people's blogs and getting to know others by their entries, Facebook and Twitter. I do love to write and if anything I figured this would be a good outlet for me.

I'm always looking for a outlet. Especially one that allows me to be creative or to just let out some steam. Of some sorts. I dunno. Even if I am just talking to myself I think this will benefit me in the long run. Truth be told I miss keeping a journal to. I also kind of like sharing with others what is going on inside my head. Nothing wrong with that, right? We shall see.

So anyways, anyone who did decide to follow me and read my ramblings, thank you! I look forward to taking this adventure with you all! If you want to know more about me there's a little blurb in the About Me part of this blog. I think it sums it up naturally.


Nicole said...

Im your newest follower from Trailing Tuesdays! Please visit me @ www.nicolermiller.blogspot.com

Melinda said...

Hi Nicole your my first ever follower and I will defintly follow you! Thank you. I feel like a kid who won the grand prize :)