Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So I'm doing some cleaning up. I didn't realize that I had a google account and with it came a reader. I was putting blogs I was interested in on a Yahoo reader but barely reading it cause I had to literally go to that site. What's your favorite reader? I think I like the Google reader because everytime I want to look at my blog I can just go on the dashboard and see posts from the blogs I enjoy. Yes again, this is random. This is what happens when the house is quiet in o'dark morning!


Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Hello! I am a new follower : ). Please follow me back at The Nutritionist Reviews:
Have a great week!

Mel said...

Amanda-I followed you back! Thanks for the follow :)

Mom's Review for you said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know about another great blog hop! Feel free to add your link!