Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

We sort of had a low key weekend before we are hit with the soccer season. But our Sunday sure was a busy one. This is a picture heavy post as I figured pictures tell a thousand words or so!

This was the first time for me to go to any race of any kind here in California. The last time I had gone to a race was when I was 15 and living in DE. Because my son is in cub scouts he got to get in free. But when we went to a event that showed off the BSA car a man there gave us all free tickets so we were all able to get in free! Not a bad deal. Though the sun was hot and the walk to and from was horrific. I still enjoyed myself.

As you can see the boy could take it or leave it when it came to watching the race.

Its a bad picture as I was using my phone and we were not close to the scoreboard. But the drivers had to do 75 laps.

I wore tennis shoes but I still managed to get a blister. On the way there I had to use the bathroom from eating and drinking lunch so that was uncomfortable. Heehee. And than on the way back to the car I felt like I was a contestant for Biggest Loser. I didn't think I'd make it to the car cause I felt like I was going to throw up a couple of times. The man said I had gotten overheated. It wasn't fun, netherless.

On our way out. It has a different name but around here we still call it Sears Point. Even with the blister and the hot weather I wouldn't mind doing this again. It defintly was a different experience!

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