Thursday, August 12, 2010

Raising Girls Drama Style


I have a daughter that is 12. Woo drama time. But no that is not what I want to talk about. It seems she finds friends who's parents do not want to be parents. All summer long we have been taking care of this one girl who we saw more than her own parents did. M and Is got into a fight and decided they were not going to hang out anymore. But now the first girl is all cool with her. That's fine and dandy. But what I didn't appericate was that this girl's mom started yelling at my kid cause of the fight between her kid and mine. I totally didnt' like it and wanted to tell her, "Umm where do you come off yelling at my kid like that when you can't take care of your own." And this girl? I feel for her but she's brought lieing and hiding things from parents to my house. I don't like that. If my girl and this girl truly decide to be BFF again, well I'll be totally watching what is going on cause I just don't trust that situation.

2nd girl we have hanging out with M let's call her K. Anyways, she got into a rut and had to come to our house really late one night. Like after midnight. I would have usually let the girl sleep over but we had somewhere important to be in the morning so I needed her to go home. Her mother did not pick her up until 3am. I guess I could have taken her home myself but as far as I saw it? It wasn't my RESPONSIBILTY!

Today we took K with us to register M for school. And I hear "Oh my mom probably can't be there at that time." Ugh. We had agreed to let K come over so that her parents could meet us there to register their kid. But that got resolved as later the dad did take the kid to registeration.

I guess this is a rant. I birthed two kids. A boy and a girl. I inherited two kids when I got married. Another boy and girl. But when did it become my job to start raising my daughter's friends? Ah well, at least they are safe, being looked after, and fed when they hang here.

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