Friday, November 12, 2010

Maybe its Silly

But I have to admit I'm totally excited about the comments I have been getting in my Friday Blog Hop. I think its eaiser if I lump all the hops together. And I think that post is the only one that I have had the most comments in. Its nice to know that people are interested in me.

I guess what I am saying in general when you are blog hopping it doesn't take a lot of time to leave a little love to your fellow bloggers. You never know how much you can brighten someone's day by a simple, 'Oh that looks great' or even a 'I'm following you and I'd like you to follow me back.' Kindness is always a good thing!


Debbie said...

It is nice! And I found you on a blog hop. I hope you are having a great weekend.

Mel said...

Aww Debbie thanks for your comment. I hope your weekend is going great to. I 'm so glad you found me. I am following you now to :)