Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monday Blog Hops

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone. Hope everyone had a great holiday! Black Friday has come and gone and onwards to Cyber Monday! Or something like that. Are you going to take advantage of the sales than? I may I haven't decided yet. I may be scarced for a bit till after the 6th. Cause we have to change out our dvr and I have some major tv watching to do. Tee hee. But in the mean time of course I'm going to join in some hops! Hope you do to!


Kate said...

Oh how I love the heart in the sand! Very beautiful picture as well your entire page. I found you blog hopping and hope you can come visit me
Be sure to leave your link so others will be able to venture over to your blog and say hello :)


Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three said...

New follower from Making Friends Monday Hop.

Lin said...

I'm trying to keep the debit card hiddent today! Spent too much on Black Friday! :-)

New follower here from Making Friends Monday. Would love a follow back!

Janet - AKA: Latte Lady said...

Good to find you! Following you from MFM!



Mel said...

Thank you ladies for the follows! I am going to visit your blogs now.
Kate I went and visited last night but than my connection decided to go kapottie on me!

Living on Love and Cents said...

I love your blog! Thanks for linking up at Making Friends Monday! I am now following you too! Have a great week!

Sofia's Ideas said...

I'm now following you through the Love is Everywhere Blog Hop. I hope you'll do the same! You can find me @

Sofia's Ideas