Monday, November 1, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Another meme I haven't done in a while :)

Top 2 Favorite gifts you have received

As a Mom the first two thoughts that came into mind was my children. But as the hostess said I'll stick with a more 'materalistic' approach.
1. My iphone. I LOVE it! Its my brain. I also love how its like a hand held computer and I can keep up with the social media even right before I go to bed by reading things off of my handy dandy phone. Already told the husband when my time for a renewal comes up (Not for another year or so) I'm going to get the newest iphone whatever that is!
2. My DVR. Well I had a Tivo first. One of my good friends from Vegas bought me one as a Christmas gift and I got addicted. I love that I can feed my addiction of tv but still have a life to~!


Kit said...

I love my DVR too! I could not live without it...I do not think I watch any shows live any more :)

Mel said...

Its very rare I watch a live show unless I have the tv on to look at my list and something catches my eye before I get to my recorded shows. Hehehe. Oh btw I'm following your blog now :)