Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Menu Plan

Its been a while since I participated in this. And since I actually have one I thought I'd share it! If you want more ideas go here.  And as usual these dinners are not set in stone but it at least gives me an idea of what to serve my family! I usually don't decide on any veggies or side dishes till dinner that night. But I have a lot of canned vegetables to choose from as well as frozen so shouldn't be a problem!

Monday-Bacon and Eggs (Hubby cooked since I wasn't feeling well. My hero! )
Tuesday-Roasted Chicken ( I haven't decided if I am going to crockpot this or let it cook in the oven since its cold enough that having the oven on for a extended period would actually warm up the house!)
Wednesday-Pork Chops
Thursday-Roast(Again I'll decide if I crockpot or oven it later)
Friday-Soup (It's going to be a busy night for us as its our town's Christmas Tree Lighting and my boy and his cub scout pack will be singing! Woo! )
Sunday-Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

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