Friday, October 1, 2010

Auto Issues Anyone?

As we all like to do we like to surf the internet. I have a husband that is capable of taking care of our cars when we have a issue but its always nice to see what else is out there. One site I ran across was .

The thing I liked about this site was it would give you detail directions of what kind of issues to look for when you are having car problems. For example, they give detailed instructions on how to check a engine light. If you go to this link it gives you helpful hints and instructions on how to go about getting it fixed and what to look for. One thing I noticed is that they have users answering questions to problems you may have. From what I can gather people who know their stuff when it comes to cars.

Another cool thing about this site is it has a directory of shops and dealerships. It even will ask you what you are looking for in specific and direct you where you need to go. So this site is very userfriendly. It is also very specific. If you needed to look up a place in San Diego Ca, the details are all right there. They give you more than one choice. So that's nice. This site doesn't just monopolize one auto shop or dealership. Nice to have that.

One last thing that is noteworthy is that if you are looking for a new automobile to drive they give ratings and reviews such as this Ford Truck.

So the next time you find yourself in trouble or in need of a auto shop or review maybe you'll remember And their motto Car Care Confidence.

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