Thursday, October 28, 2010

Random Dozen

1. What scares you the most
A) Physically
I've had so much crap happen to me when I was a kid that I don't think I'm as scared of what may happen to me physically. But if someone were to take my kids away I'd defintly have a moment. Guess that fits better with emotionally.

B) Emotionally
Losing my family. I am pretty family oriented and that would be the end of the world to me if I lost my kids or husband to death.

Why does it scare you, and how do you cope?
It scares me because my little family is the world to me and my safe haven. But I believe in a God and though sometimes I feel like I don't hear him and I may not like what he does I know in the end that he has good intentions for me or a life lesson for me to see. That's how I cope.

2. What comes to mind when you read the phrase, "Nothing gold can stay?"
I think its refering to fall and the color of the leaves etc.

*There's talk that this Meme may phase out and only be posted once a month so has decided to ease the transition by only putting up 2 questions.*


momma24 said...

I hear ya about childhood traumas. I lived through a lot and know that I could survive more if I had to. Don't want to though.

Mel said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you had to go thru that. No child should have that kind of life. Hugs.