Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Wanna Talk About Me!

*I don't know why this picture went this way but that's my other Halloween wreath I talk about further down.*

1. What is your favorite Fall scent?
I like cinnamon apple and carmel so how about I go with two scents.

2. Pies: Pumpkin or Apple?
Pumpkin with whipped cream. Yum.

3. Do you separate your summer and winter clothes? If so, have you put away your summer clothes yet?
With the way the weather is around here there's not much distinction between my summer and winter clothes save for tank tops.

4. Do you decorate your house for Fall?
I use to when the kids were little but I did make these recently.

They are wreaths made with Halloween fabric. The husband asked me to make the orange and black one.
5. What are you looking forward to most this Fall?
It seems things slow down a little in the fall and people are home more. I say seems because actually we are a little busy till November with soccer.

6. Halloween is coming up! What are you (and your kids, if applicable) dressing up as for Halloween?
I know that my 9 year old has talked about dressing up as Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid for his school parade as they are encouraging a book parade. But he wants to be a ninja Halloween night. I don't know if I will dress up. If I do it may just be my ren outfit I bought a couple years back.

7. Just Lisa’s birthday is this Fall! What are you getting her?
How about my friendship and adoration for her meme? Hee and of course well wishes!


Just Lisa said...

Have you posted a tutorial of your fall wreath? I'd love to make something like that!

Mel said...

I actually have not. Its pretty simple though and found it thru a blog and than found it again online. But this is what I did. I bought a straw wreath at a Joanne's. (I'm sure Michaels sells them to.) I bought a yard of fabric and since I had bought two wreaths I bought 2 yards of fabric. What I have noticed the design doesn't really matter so much as the colors you might be interested in as you basically will be cutting up the fabric to little squares. I don't remember the size because I kind of eyeballed it. Anyways it is important for you to leave the plastic on the wreath. Cut your fabric and than go to town. I basically pushed the fabric into the wreath with a screwedriver but my screwdriver was to big and I ended up just using my scissors. Its a good craft to do maybe when your watching tv or something since it takes a while. I'll see if I can't find the orginal post or a link and I'll post it. Otherwise hope this helps!