Wednesday, September 29, 2010

30 Days Of Insight Day 30

I'm behind on these 30 day blog meme's and what nots I figured I'd attempt to knock some out as I have the time and brain for it. For now. Hahaha. Remember I don't follow these in order but I try to give credit when I can etc.

Day 30- Ways you believe you have grown over the past thirty days.

I am going to answer this a little different since I wasn't consisent in following this in order. I think my blog has changed  in the last 30 days because I have been more active with it. I originally started this blog in 2007 but really had done nothing with it. Sometimes I feel like I still don't do much with it. But I have found I use it as an outlet or an attempt to share a part of my world with others. And of course I love the blog hops I have found and the Meme's. I have even tried the giveaways but I haven't decided if they are for me or not. I've even tried my hand in advertising. So I guess I'm still feeling my way around.

In my real life (not blog writing) I have defintly had my ups and downs and roller coasting. But I am optimistic that the 30 days of drama that I have experienced will be gone now. But really is one's life ever drama free when you have kids and two of them are teenagers? Remember when you were a teen? Yeah, thought so!

I originally found this Meme over here.

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