Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whatcha Say Wednesday

Has a new Meme up. Well semi new. I figured I'd play along. Maybe you will want to, to!

Here are the questions  and answers!

1. What physical quality do you look for in a spouse or your spouse has!
I have a thing for eyes. I think eyes are the windows to your soul. When I met my husband his eyes told me he was kind. That is the truth.

2. What state in the US would you live in if you had to live there for the rest of your life?
I would live in Nevada. One of my good friends lives there and I would love to be closer to her. But I have to admit I really don't see myself leaving California. Love this place. Though there's talk of when the husband retires we will in Arizona. So who knows what will really happen.

3. What do you do? (job title, SAHM, student, spill!)
I am a SAHM. And that of course is a job all by itself!

Bonus! Are eyebrows considered facial hair?
Hahahaha. Sure why not? People want to wax them, or pluck them or even thread them.

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stash mama said...

I love that! "The eyes are the windows to your soul" and you are totally right SAHM is a full time job title, wish my hubs would get that! lol Thanks for linkin up, hope to see you again this wednesday!