Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Facebook Likes

I love to be on the computer. I guess that is a given since I also keep a blog. I ran across this post from


She talks about what our Facebook likes tell about us. I have to laugh cause I have an obnoxious number of likes in fact it sits at 680. What can I say playing on the computer destresses me. Anyways she had picked her top 10 favorite. For me I'm going to do top 10 random and attempt to explain why I liked it. Here goes!

1. Red Baron Pizza!/redbaronpizza?ref=sgm
I am pretty certain I liked that well I have pre teens and teens and they will eat pizza three times a day. And I'm always for the look out for cheap or coupons for things that my family likes.

2. Frugal Mom Knows Best!/pages/Frugal-Mom-knows-Best/135583629413
In my quest to better provide for my family with a 1 income I'm always looking for frugal tips and ideas. I am certain I followed this page and liked it for this reason. She also has a blog and can be found here!

3. Ordinary Inspirations!/pages/Ordinary-Inspirations/115080695185639?v=wall
I also try to follow Christian blogs when I can. I figured if they can encourage me, I can encourage them. This is a blog about a woman who is both Mom and Wife. You can find her blog here.

4. Bob Harper!/mytrainerbob
What can I say? I'm a Biggest Loser fan though I haven't watched the new season yet. Its waiting in my dvr. I'll eventually get to it.

5. Oh Amanda!/ohamandablog
She is another blog that I follow. I try to support all my blogging friends the best way I can. By following them on GFC if they have it on their blog. As well as any twitter or facebook links they may give. Another cool thing about following pages such as this it gives you a glimpse of what they are posting in their blog in case you missed a posting.

6. The Mentalist!/TheMentalist
One of my favorite shows! But yet I'm behind and have not watched the new season yet. That's probably why I liked it so I could stay up to date with what is going on with it.

7.Mafia Wars!/MafiaWarsFans
I have a confession to make. I love this game. I know its silly and time wasting but I still enjoy it. Truth be told I'm getting a little burned out from it. I most likely liked it so I could get extra points or something.

8. Avon!/pages/Avon/7804979660
I am a Avon rep and I liked this to stay in the know of what is going on there.

9. True Blood!/TrueBlood
I did tell you that I'm a tv addict. One of my other shows I love to watch. It only comes on in the summer and its played on HBO. Pretty certain you can get episodes of it thru Netflix though.

10. Revive Our Hearts!/ReviveOurHearts
I had never heard of this program until I came across it in my blog hopping. See? I learn things from you all. I hope you all learn things from me to.

Anyways if you have read all thru my list I thank you. It was fun to see what kind of interests I have Facebook style.


Survey Junkie said...

Hi Mel,
Glad to have you join us for FMBT.
I'm your newest follower.
Have a great day!!

Mel said...

Staycee-Thanks for the welcome! Looks like a fun little blog hop! I'm your follower to!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

See how FUN that is?!? :) Thank you for the link and shout-out!

Anonymous said...

Following you now. Love the blog. You can post your blog on my blog hop too if you want.