Monday, September 13, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

If you need any ideas for what to plan for your meals please visit for more ideas!

Here's my plan of what I am going to feed my family this week!

Monday-Steak and Potatoes (Hubby bbq'd since I went out to dinner with a friend)

Tuesday-Biscuits and Gravy

Wednesday-Chicken nuggets (Homemade yum!)

Thursday-Pork Tenderloin

Friday-Beef Chuck Roast

Saturday-Breaded Chicken Patties aka Chicken Sandwiches

Sunday-Roast Chicken

There's a good chance that this plan will change of course since weekends around here are unpredictiable. But a plan is better than no plan right? And its my birthday on Monday so I am hoping we get to go out over the weekend since my husband works weird hours. We will see what actually happens! So what are you feeding your family this week?

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