Monday, September 20, 2010


Its Monday. And I'm already ready for a nap. Guess that is what happens when one goes to bed at 3am and have to wake up 4 hours later to play taxi. One of the advantages of having kids that are older and staying at home is the oppournity for said nap. One day I'll have a normal sleep schedule.

I really want to home school my youngest but the man still sits on the fence with that. The boy's  in 4th grade now and already has had a rough go with things. Guess I'll still keep trying and in the mean time work with T's teacher for now.

I was thinking random things today. Yes even my brain amuses me. Today is my birthday and I was calculating in my head how old I would be when my son turns the age I am now. Ha. Are you ever ready for getting older or having your kids get older on you? I keep thinking about my Mom and how it must have been for her that many years ago.

Anyways going to post my love of hops and Meme's and catch that nap. Hope you all have a AWESOME day!

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