Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Whatcha Say Wednesday

1. Now that all the T.V. shows have started up again, what are your favorite shows?
Hahahaha. My dvr and I are best friends. I keep it full all the time. I love tv. I watch so much tv its a addiction.
Some of my favorites though are. Castle, Sons of Anarchy, NCIS, Supernatural. I'm starting to like the new shows to. I've watched Hawai Five O twice now. Nikita is one that is a keeper to.

2. What are you guilty of doing while you are driving or in the car?
I am actually a old stooge when it comes to driving. My hands are on the wheel and I'm trying to pay attention to the road. The only thing I've done is change the radio station and I JUST started picking up my drink or sandwich when I'm driving. Now if I'm the passanger anything goes!

3. Would you rather have the superpower to be invisible or read minds?
Read minds. I still have this big hang up of people's opinons of me matter. So I'd love to know what they are thinking so I can prepare myself if its negative!


Is there ever a day that mattresses aren't on sale?
Hahahaha. Yeah I always hear the Sleep Train ad on the radio when I'm dropping the kids off to school.


jensays (what would jen do) said...

hey there, we have the same TV addiction. i swear i'd chop off my own arm if it meant i could keep my tv

Mel said...

Aww I don't know if I would cut my arm off but yes I'm pretty addicted