Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Favorite Hair Products

I wanted to participate in this but I'm not real big on hair products. Well let's say I don't usually do much with my hair but wash and go. So I'll talk about my two favorite shampoo lines. I'm going to attempt to answer this as best as I can!

1.I love Dove products so I love their hair line.
2. The second line I like alot is this. http://www.herbalessences.com/us/hairstyles-how-tos-little-pink-style-book/?gclid=CIva1uX3maQCFQpKgwodJ3kGDg
I really like long term affair. I think that's what its called.


Brianna! said...

I use Herbal Essence!
Except I use the kind for LONG hair....
I think its called Long Term Relationship.

Mel said...

that's what its called! I like that one.