Friday, September 24, 2010

Just for fun

I browsed thru and these things caught my attention. Either from other bloggers or of my own interest. Figured I'd share my finds with you all. Since we are reminded that Christmas will be here before we know it. And really a lot of us do Swagbucks so why not put those Amazon gift cards to good use?

Yasmine Galenorn is one of my favorite authors. But I haven't been keeping up with her lately. Looks like she has a new series out and it looks good to me! Night Myst is the book I'm refering to.

I belong to Goodreads and one of my groups is going to start Demon. It looks like a intense book and I put it on my wishlist. Who knows when I will get a chance to read it but now its in a place I can reference to.

My son loves his DS. He wished he had a DSI but hey he's lucky he got the DS. I figured this may be a good Christmas present for him and it doesn't break the bank. I'm talking about the Blue Dragon Plus.

The same son loves him some Club Penguin. Again, other game that is reasonably priced.

I was looking thru the son's book order form that he got from school and found some books that appealled to the young girl in me so I figured why not? Hence the Mask Appeal Cinderella Cleaners.

Another book that I found in that book order form that appealled to me. I love anything that is fairy related. So Fairy School Dropout went on my list.

I went and added myself to a blog that is giving this away.
That being 15 min of Diabetic meals. Since I am Type 2 and I sure would love any help I can get in battling that.

The giveaway is good till Oct 1, 2010.

Just in case I do not win? Yeah it went on my Amazon wish list. But I'll remain optimistic!

Hope you had fun in my version of window shopping!

*My wording may be a little off as I was trying to put the pictures together with my words and than that wouldn't work and than I had to fiddle with things to make it look nice. Still learning the techinal side of the blog world!*

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