Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Out of Steam

Do you ever feel like you are out of steam? That's me today. Maybe its cause we had a busy weekend celebrating my birthday. I totally felt like a Queen with all the eating out we did. It was fun. I was going to work on some Meme's I had saved and maybe enter a giveaway or two but I just don't have it in me right now.

I think its cause I'm ticked off. SS who is 16 got caught shoplifting today. Just when we thought he was doing well. Its a never ending cycle when one has kids I guess. Being a parent of a teenager is HARD. Make that two teenagers and its double hard. I know its just a season but I would like for it to be over now. Really.

I was a bit surprised that the husband was so quiet about it. I'm trying to take his lead in this. But I am sure he is really disappointed. And the reason why SS stole in the first place was to sell it to someone else for money. Good grief. WTH?

I think I'm going to veg in front of the tv. And pray. Pray hard. That seems to be the only thing to do.

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