Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Window Shopping The Become Way

I am certain that people wish they had millions of dollars to spend on their wish list or how I like to call it dream list.  One cool thing about the internet is that you can do that from your own computer seat. Or should I say computer screen?

I've always enjoyed being able to look at things online that I may not nessicarly have thought of before. I have built countless lists of things I dream of. Anywhere from beauty products, scrapbooking, books to household furnishings. One place I'll be making a list from is http://www.become.com/

From what I can see in browing thru there they have quite a variety of things to be found! Wow. I like that you can compare different prices on things from a variety of store links that Become has all in one place for you. So you don't have to do all the searching yourself. I love this site's motto. Become Shopping Your Way.

Here let me show you what I am talking about. For example, check this out. http://home-and-garden.become.com/glass-top-dining-table  They let you compare prices of different glass top dining tables from different sites. Now what frugal shopper doesn't like that? I also love that they give you a photo to check out . Because as the saying goes a picture is a thousand words. I like the second to last dining room table set. Especially the bases. I'd go with the black one because I like dark colors.

Anyways going on. If your not into glass top dining room tables on the Become site (http://www.become.com/
You should check out the choices they have in round coffee tables. http://www.become.com/round-coffee-table Right now our coffee table is used more as a picture holder since I love to take pictures. If I were to replace our coffee table I'd go with the second one on the list. The black one. Its unique. It kind of reminds me of a Asian rice bowl. Always had a fondness for anything Asian.

One last thing that caught my eye while I was dreaming and browsing was this. http://home-and-garden.become.com/plug-in-chandelier  %20Ihave  I have a friend who has a chandelier that she keeps over her bathtub. How's that for a gothic look? Hehe. One of my favorite chandelier's was the 4th one down on the link I just shared. It looks a little vampirish to me. But that's probably why I like it. And really that seems to be the in look nowadays.

 Really, if you want to have some fun I'd urge you to go play on http://www.become.com/ and maybe you'll actually make your dream or wish come true by actually finding and buying an item you can't live without! Good thing Christmas is coming!

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